We welcome like minded enthusiasts to join us if you would like to partake in similar unpackaged retailing venture or to add on the refilling element to your current retail outlet. Being pioneer in unpackaged bulk retail since 2012, we have been through waves of challenges and we believe our experiences will benefit and shorten your learning curve into this business. We pride ourselves on being true to our ethos as we don’t compromise on the quality of our products neither do we ride on the greenwashing trail just to make the extra buck. We remain sustainable with our heart and head are at the right place.

There are 2 key criteria that we stick by before we determine our product offering The first one is the refillables must be safe for both mankind and planet. In the haste of drumming reusing plastic, we should not load harmful chemicals on our skin and waterways. We set high standard on our detergent not by the strength but the balanced formulation that we have achieved. We don’t believe you need powerful strength to clean your regular household stains and by using optimal effective product, we are assured that we don’t have to add fragrance to mask the additives and we minimise cost. We also managed to avoid ingredients that are deemed unsafe though some part of the world do not ban them. Eg if we can avoid SLS/SLES, why not? The second criteria is affordability. We offer refillables for all income group as we believe we need more people to practise reusing to mitigate the climate emergency that we are facing. If you share the same passion and as hungry to see your community change their habits, we welcome you to join our growing family. Let’s meet up.

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