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Safe to Use. Kind to Earth.


Reuse own container to refill.


No harmful chemical residues.


Affordable and variety. Caters to every household and bulk user.

Who are we?

We are a dedicated team passionate about our planet sustainability and we believe our well-being is our birth right. Hence, any sustainability effort for the greater good should be accessible and affordable to all. We aim to reduce single-use packaging waste by offering eco-friendly detergent, personal care & gardening refillables both for retail and bulk purchases. With a commitment to homes, offices and the environment, we strive to make a positive impact with every refill. Refilling warrants quality products at a more affordable price. Save Cost. Save Earth.

With more than a decade of experience in unpackaged retail, we are also engaging with corporate companies (SME & MNC) to assist them to meet their SDG goals via talk, workshop and events.

Why Refill with us?

Environmental Impact
You actively contribute to reducing waste by prolong the lifespan of existing plastic and conserving resources, promoting a greener planet.

Cost Savings
Refilling is a cost-effective and affordable alternative to purchasing new, allowing you to save money and enjoy safe and quality biodegradable products.

Quality Assurance
Our curated refillable soaps are formulated to be effective without loading fillers to meet commercial demand. We take pride into the safety of our users and environment. Our production undergo strict quality control, ensuring no harmful chemical like parabens, SLS/SLES and formaldehyde. We don’t make unnecessary powerful detergent simply to impress but we strive more on effective cleaning solutions with minimal impact to our waterways.

Why rebrand from BYOB to KitaRefill?

KitaRefill is a progression from Bring YOUR Own Bottle to encourage a more collective effort. Hence the word “Kita” which means “We” in Malay.
We hope this mantra “we refill” will not just be a conscious lifestyle but becomes a more inviting norm that everyone can partake.

The logo also explains what we do. We provide an option to reduce plastic pollution by reusing plastic bottle to refill detergent. With that, we hope to achieve a circular economy which is shown by the 2 arrows.

The last fun bit is the visibility of “Kitar” in KitaRefill. Kitar means “cycle” in malay. Related words like Alam sekitar (environment) and kitar semula (recycling) are also related to what we are passionate about.

KitaRefill Ethos
Refilling is not a trending lifestyle but a sustainable habit.

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